Import Contacts into Marketo

Importing a spreadsheet of Contacts:

  • Note: If you want to import custom properties/fields you’ll need to create these first or update them later. To create custom properties/fields, navigate to Admin > Database Management > Field Management, and click New Custom Field. Each data type has different validation enforced so ensure you’re using the correct one.
  1. Navigate to Database
  2. Extend Lead Database by double clicking or clicking the plus
  3. Extend Group Lists and Internal Lists 
  4. Right-click Internal Lists and select Import List
  5. Click BROWSE…, and find the file you’d like to upload (must be csv, tsv or semicolon separated)
  6. Select the file format (faster) or leave as Auto Detect
  7. Leave Trusted Source: as Trusted
  8. Leave List Import Mode: as Default (Fast Import)
  9. Click NEXT
  10. Map the columns from the import file to the properties in Marketo. Column headers used will be recognised in future imports. I.e if you map “dob” to “Date of Birth” in one import, in future “dob” will be mapped to “Date of Birth” by default.
  11. Click NEXT
  12. Give the import a descriptive List Name: e.g. Go Rentals MailChimp Contacts (224,855) - Aug-19
  13. You can opt to receive an email or notify someone else when the import is complete by inputting a comma-separated list of email addresses into the Send Alert To: field
  14. You can select an Acquisition Program: at time of import (equivalent to HubSpots Original Source params), otherwise select “NONE”.
  15. Click IMPORT to start your import
  16. You can access all contacts within you database by navigating to Database > Lead Database > System Smart Lists > All People


FYI: A “List” in Marketo appears to be the equivalent of a HubSpot “Import”, whereas a “Smart List” in Marketo is the equivalent of a HubSpot “List”, in the way contacts can roll in and out of lists based on live criteria, and can trigger marketing and workflows based on List affinity(?).