Persona Research Best Practice

Here is the process breakdown for conducting a persona research


  1. The client is to send out the initial email to the list of ideal clients outlining someone from H&D will be in contact with them to do the interview. 
  2. Copy the survey template from the drive and Customize it to suit the purpose of your persona research.
  3. Determine an incentive your client would like to give interviewees for doing the survey and include this in the brief of the survey 
  4. Determine who your Interviewees are, this is ideally given to you by the client you are doing the persona research for. 
  5. List the relevant details along with the contact details in the register template. These should include first name, last name,  email address and phone number and any other relative information.
  6. Send a follow-up Email to the clients on the register list before the interview. In the email include details such as estimated length of the survey,  who will be calling them, What number they will be receiving the call from, What their ideal contact number is and what time best suits them to be called. In the email include the incentive for doing the survey.
  7. On the register, use the notes section for each individual to update relevant details such as the current status of the interview.
  8. Conduct the survey based on the approved survey template 
  9. Analyse results gathered from the survey
  10. Build your ideal persona through the information obtained and segment them 



  • The client has sent the initial email
  • Customize survey template 
  • Create a list of interviewees on register template 
  • The researcher has sent follow-up Email (1 day after initial)
  • Determine the best time to call them 
  • Update status on the register 
  • Call Interviewees
  • Gather results 
  • Segment Personas