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1. What is Xoxoday? 

Xoxoday is a digital reward and incentive platform. 

How does it work? 

2. What is Plum?

One of the products, Plum, is a reward marketing solution that can help Sales & Marketing teams achieve higher conversions on their campaigns across the funnel by incentivizing & rewarding their prospects and customers.
  1. At the top of the funnel - Higher number of demos, meetings, sign-ups, webinar attendees, etc.
  2. In the middle of the funnel - Maintaining prospect engagement during long sales cycles and re-engaging lost leads.
  3. At the bottom of the funnel - generating higher customer referrals, reviews, testimonials & feedback.

3. Why use Plum? 

Here are the benefits that we can use to promote Plum

    • Big global coverage - access to a global catalog of over 21,000 rewards from over 20+ different categories that save you from interacting from multiple vendors.
    • Instant gratification and a wide range of choices - Recipient gets the gift code instantly and can choose from any vendors on the catalog from different categories such as experiences, activities, gift cards, travel, hotel, etc.
    • Lower costs - add value to customer experience, reduce costs and streamline administrative processes at the same time. 
    • Do more with budgets - with on-redemption pricing, pay for claimed rewards only
    • Tailored benefit experiences - Send a customised link with chosen reward options and value via email/SMS
    • Personalised communication - real time delivery of e-gift via customisable email templates
    • Better results - better business ROIs, better CSAT, high eNPS, lower attrition, higher sales performance
    • Dig deep with data/Analytics & Insights - measure benefits program with a comprehensive suite of standard and custom benefits reporting tools. View delivery reports from Plum dashboard.
    • Secure and compliant at the core - meets the highest certification standards and safe with encryption of sensitive data HTTPS and HSTS for secure connections and vulnerability disclosure and reward programme
    • Quick delivery and launch - automate rewards and incentive delivery from within by connection applications.
    • Flexible integration options - Integrate with most platforms namely HubSpot, Zapier, SurveyMonkey, TypeForm, Qualtrics, FreshDesk, DarwinBox, ZohoCRM, SAP etc.
    • Developer friendly application - learn more about Reward APIs here.
    • Excellent support - reliable support team when you need help with 97% CSAT, 72% of first call resolution and fastest first response time

4. What are the eGift Card options? 

You can also skim through the eGift Card options we have in the US and the rest of the world here: Xoxoday Storefront. It comes with one step checkout based on points allocated to employees, customers and partners.

5. Examples of successful campaigns

Below are some of the successful campaigns we have executed recently -
  • Neal Analytics, a big data, and analytics firm has increased the number of demos booked with CXOs by adding coffee and charity vouchers in their meeting invites.
  • HP Singapore managed to increase customer feedback by 30%, by adding local e-commerce vouchers to their surveys.
  • Freshworks, a SaaS unicorn, has seen an increase in the number of successful customer referrals coming in.
  • iTransition, a software company based out of the UK, for driving higher participation in their customer feedback surveys.
  • Synergi Finance, a start-up in the UK, is driving a higher number of users for their Partner portal with the incorporation of digital rewards on sign-up.

Case study

  • H&M (case study here), a clothing retail giant with over 171,000 employees worldwide recorded a significant increase in the participation of on-site employees and a higher overall participation in reward programmes for both of the off-site and on-site employees. Their rewarding efficiency increased in which 52% of all the employees have been nominated. 

More case studies here

6. How to integrate Plum with HubSpot

You can also watch this quick video and refer to help guide 1 and help guide 2 to better understand how Plum enables the above in Hubspot. It typically takes Xoxoday 10-12 business days to setup HubSpot integration.
1. Go to Hubspot App Marketplace --> App Directory --> Search for Xoxoday Plum.
2. Click on the “Request to Connect” button to connect with Xoxoday Plum. After this, you will be redirected to the Xoxoday app registration process.
3. You will then be asked to login/ register to Xoxoday and authorise HubSpot.
4. Once on the Plum login page, you will be asked to enter your email address and Company Name.
5. A one time password will be sent to verify the email address that you have provided.
6. On verifying your email address, you will be led through a series of guided steps to set-up your Plum account. 

7. Plum on HubSpot 

Plum can be used on HubSpot workflows based triggers such as list membership, form submission, etc.

Complete Online Demo

Lead to MQL Conversion

New Review Received via Form Submission

Survey Completed

8. Incentive programme with H&D

Also, here is a quick brief on the tenets of our proposed association -
  1. Hype & Dexter will take Xoxoday's solutions to their customers and in return for the business generated from the service fee, a commission would be passed back to  Hype & Dexter. This percentage can always be discussed and arrived at.
  2. To begin with, for the first 3 customers 100% of the service fee would be passed to Hype & Dexter.
  3. Complete support for sales and post-sales customer service will be provided by Xoxoday.
  4. All Xoxoday solutions would be free of any service charge for  Hype & Dexter's internal usage.